TrapEd - edit intermediate Vignette-files produced by transferproject

TrapEd ©, which is an acronym of Transferproject-Editor is used to simplify many tasks with the Vignette-E-Business-Platform (or StoryServer as I still call it, though Vignette avoids this since 2000). Especially when developing, documenting or bug-fixing Vignette-projects, TrapEd is indispensable.

Some key-features of TrapEd are:

  • complex search/replace-features to modify Vignette-templates (or record-information).
  • offline-editing. (No connection to the Vignette-CMS necessary)
  • look into transferproject-backups (those nasty attr-files which are totally human-unreadable) without the need to deploy it into the Vignette-CMS.
  • extend the functionality to automate your regular tasks by using the TrapEd-Api
  • browse Vignette-templates without connecting to the CMS
  • remove all records from the CMS
  • generate documentation or quality checks
  • import html-templates (e.g. created by design agencies) in one go
  • switch to a more up-to-date content-management-system and keep the old system as a readable backup
  • generate JavaDoc-similar documentation simply from your templates
  • more...

All you need to do is take one of those files produced by the transferproject-utility from Vigentte with the extension ".attr" and open it with TrapEd. Nearly all data from this file can be read and modified in a simple to use GUI-application.

We have been using TrapEd for developing and enhancing our

client's environment and we are very satisfied with the product. TrapEd extends Vignette's potential by extensive search and replacement function which allows us to clone complete StoryServer projects or even parts of them easily. Renaming templates' paths and names as well as projects by search patterns has become a matter of hours in comparison to days without TrapEd. Moreover, the error rate was reduced to nearly zero.
TrapEd is a tool the Vignette community has been waiting for a long time.
M. Ewald, 5/12/2003

If you don't know anything about transferproject or Vignette, this tool is nothing of interest for you. In all other cases you might directly want to download the trial version for free.


Starting TrapEd and opening an attr-file brings up the following GUI:

TrapEd application (View full image)

The left frame resembles the project-tree as seen in the Vignette Project-Manager but includes the templates, files and records as well. The font is similar to that of the Project-Manager (e.g. bold for templates with state Live, italic for those in state Working).

The right frame shows the attributes of the marked item. In this case the values for State or template-code. Most of these attributes are shown in the Vignette Project-Manager via the "Details"-GUI.

System requirements

TrapEd runs on Windows NT/2000/XP (and it also runs on Windows 98 see Faq).

You need to have at least a Pentium-computer with 128 MB ram. Depending on the size of your projects up to 256 MB ram would be necessary (an attr-file of 7 MB needs approx. 35 MB ram and temporary up to 60 MB). If your computer has enough power you can open attr-files with unlimited size.

To determine your Harddisk-ID which is needed for a license, you must have a C-drive. TrapEd cannot be started from the network (and it wouldn't be senseful, because the license is bound to one computer) or any other drive.


This software is copyrighted by Vogel.

You can get a free but restricted trial-copy (see Download).

With this trial-copy you get a restricted functionality. You will only be able to open a maximum of three project-directories with the included templates. With this trial-copy you cannot save any changes and the Api is not available.

To get full access to the complete functionality you have to get a license, which is really easy. Just send me a gift from my Amazon-wishlist (see License).

If you find a bug in TrapEd and send me the bug-report you will get a 30-days free license as a reward (see also Download for details).


Version 2.4 - 04/25/2006

New features:

  • Api is enhanced and provides create, ...
  • Console-font-size is now configurable

Version 2.3 - 07/01/2005

New features:

  • Api-scripts could now be provided as "*.kit"-files
  • Api-scripts can now use Tk to build graphical user interfaces
  • Added an example (as a "*.kit"-file) to the download-distribution to generate HTML-documentation from transferproject-files
  • Several smaller bugfixes (e.g. Api-scripts can now contain spaces in the pathname)

Version 2.2 - 06/24/2005

Still version 2.2. Just fixed some minor bugs

  • One bug blocked the use of the interactive console.
  • When importing into TrapEd, the extension of files was omitted.

Version 2.2 - 10/11/2004

New features:

  • Added project-attributes "Authz" and "Producers".
  • Html-Tags can now be configured to be colorized.
  • Multiple marked items in left tree-pane can now be copied into clipboard (via Ctrl-C).
  • Added a toolbar


  • Relaunched this website
  • Removed documentation from download

Version 2.1 - 02/05/2004

The following things changed:

Version 2.0 - 05/07/2003

New majour release. TED is renamed to TrapEd because of a name-clash with Vignettes template-daemon-process.

The following features were added:

  • Multiple selection in left explorer-pane possible
  • New file-open-options: ignore files/records
  • New "New project, template, record, file"-functionality
  • template-code can be opened in external viewer
  • columns in "Search all"-result-dialog are configurable
  • New dump-options: Docroot, CMS-Explorer
  • Api is available and interactive console added
  • Status of templates is displayed in left explorer-pane as in Vignettes project manager (bold for Live-Templates, ...)
  • New attribute: RecordID
  • DB-password-decryption added
  • Enhanced documentation

Version 1.9 - 10/21/2002

New functionality:

  • Undo in body and Paths.
  • Item-dependant statistics
  • New Record-attributes: NameOfTable, PrimaryKeyName
  • New file-open-options: -compress, -utf8
  • "Go to DB key" added
  • "Search all" now displays the matched text
  • Dump/Sync to/from filesystem added

Version 1.7 - 05/16/2002

First official release of TrapEd. At this time named "TED".

Copyright © 2001-2010, Vogel. All rights reserved.
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